About us

Stara Wieś Resort is a place where time passes by at the leisurely pace of nature. For our guests we offer a lot of ways to spend their holidays. Come to us and just relax. 

We like our guests to feel at home, being close to nature. You can stretch out on a sun lounger, spread your blanket on the grass, drink your coffee on the terrace. Being surrounded by nature makes it easy to enjoy your stay here fully. Stara Wieś Resort is located in a forest, by the River Warta, in the Załęcze Landscape Park. 

When you hear the word attractions, do you feel like spending your time actively in the open air? With your backpack on a trip, with a fishing rod to the river and with a basket mushroom picking. At Stara Wieś Resort you can enjoy simple things. As simplicity stands for your satisfaction and pleasure.

You can recharge your batteries fully when you are surrounded by nature and in the company of your dearest and nearest. Come to Stara Wieś Resort with all your family, with a group of friends, with your beloved one. A warm welcome awaits you!

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